Writing 6 on May. 11, 2011   -   Meets from 12:45 PM to 1:47 PM

Read and Respond and Evaluate

Lesson Focus


Thank you cards to nurse Betsy

School Nurse Day

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  • What Else: Wandering Wordsmiths; Emerging Experts: What else could we write? Visit
  • Paragraph Organization - Google Docs Visit
  • MLK 1_2 Sample Paragraph - Google Docs Visit
Curriculum standards covered in this lesson:
  • G5W2.3.1 - 2.3.1 Uses a variety of forms/genres. ·      Includes more than one form/genre in a single piece (e.g., a report about salmon that includes a poem, fact box, and story). ·      Maintains a log or portfolio to track variety of forms/genres used. ·      Produces a variety of new forms/genres. Examples: - interviews - autobiographies - business letters - expository essays - persuasive advertisements - field observation notes - book reviews - rhyming couplets - raps -