Biology 11-12 on Apr. 04, 2012   -  

X-Period / Review


1.  Check Q3 Grade Report for Mistakes

2.  Turn in Q3 Corrections

3.  Finish DNA structure checks as necessary

4.  Work on Missing Assignments

5.  Watch Ghost Whisperer Bloodlines Episode (Optional on iPods)

Assigned Today
Due: Apr 05
11.2 Section Notes
Use DEC, Cornell or other method of note taking beyond terms and definitions
Due: Apr 05
Optional: Netcast of DNA Structure
Listen and watch a quick video describing DNA and the researchers who discovered its structure.
Due Today
Assigned: Apr 02
Q3 Test Corrections
Quiz Corrections 1. Do all corrections on a separate piece of paper stapled to the back of your assessment 2. Indicate the correct answer 3. Indicate why that answer is correct 4. Indicate why you missed this question (examples) a. Guessed / Didn't know b. Second guessing answers c. Mistake (did know, but put in the wrong answer) d. Not in my notes e. Never learned it f. Didn't study it g. Didn't understand the question h. Needed to add more clarification