HBiology 11-12 on Apr. 05, 2012   -  

X-Period / Review


1.  Work time on Beyond Mendelian Genetics Worksheet 

2.  Ticket to leave: 

a.  Quiz Corrections Turned In 

b.  Up through #8 Blood Types on Wksht

Due Today
Assigned: Mar 29
Corrections: CH 8 Quiz
Quiz Corrections 1. Do all corrections on a separate piece of paper stapled to the back of your assessment 2. Indicate the correct answer 3. Indicate why that answer is correct 4. Indicate why you missed this question (examples) a. Guessed / Didn't know b. Second guessing answers c. Mistake (did know, but put in the wrong answer) d. Not in my notes e. Never learned it f. Didn't study it g. Didn't understand the question h. Needed to add more clarification
Assigned: Apr 04
Check Q3 Portal for Mistakes