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Lab Topic 4 - Light Microscope


1.  Debrief FOV Diameter Lab Section

2.  Scientific Drawings

3.  Lab Topic 4 Exercise 4.2 Observing Cells


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Assigned Today
Due: Nov 16
Blog Post #4 - Up Close with the Hydra
Create your 4th blog post describing the biology of the hydra you observed in lab. Your post should contain an explanation of at least one of the following themes of biology specifically for the hydra: 

1. Structure and Function
2. Energy Transformation
3. Regulation
4. Adaptation
5. Evolution
6. Biology and Society
7. Interaction with the Environment
8. Reproduction and Inheritance

See section 1.3 of the text if you want a description or examples of the above themes. Feel free to insert labeled images, videos that demonstrate one of the themes, and citations for any thoughts or resources that you did not create. Have fun learning about the "horrible" hydra!